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Pay 70% Less For A Parcel Delivery Service!

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Indiegogo: Why should we build a future of decentralization?

“Decentralization isn’t about the best dApp

Indiegogo: How do we want our future to turn out?

In only 30 years, we, our children and grandchildren wi

Parcel X Conference in South Korea

The ParcelX Platform will leverage blockchain technolog
九月 11, 2018

ParcelX CEO Guo Shunri Presents at 2018 Tokyo Finwise Summit

ParcelX CEO & Co-founder Mr. Guo Shunri was on-stag

Are outdated courier systems hampering cross border trade?

Cross-border package delivery systems are an important

Decentralized Cross-Border Parcel Delivery: The Future of E-commerce Unfolds

E-commerce remains one of the fastest growing sectors i
九月 11, 2018