How does ParcelX keeps costs low and speeds fast?

How does ParcelX keeps costs low and speeds fast?

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十一月 21, 2018 通过 parcelx

So how do we keep the costs low & speed fast?

1. We are sharing the parcel economy where all service providers can make the utmost of their unused capacity. This means improved margins and a more satisfied customer base.

2. Blockchain technology allows us to have:

▪ Transparency
▪ Trust
▪ Scalability
▪ Consensus
▪ Reduced Sunk Costs for first generation providers
▪ Built-in and immediate settlements (payments)

3. With ParcelX, the cross-border parcel delivery network uses multiple carrier nodes to achieve the highest quality and practicality of logistics integration. This means that a once heavy and long process driven by manpower is now an efficient network that maximizes all its resources from the e-retailer through to the pick-up, shipping, custom clearance, local delivery, all the way to the customer.

4. As we approach 2020, there will be approximately 940 million cross-border online shoppers expected to spend around 1 trillion on e-commerce transactions, with China alone contributing 34% of the global parcel volume. As demand rises, we expect the supply of the cross-parcel delivery network to implement and guarantee an even lower cost threshold for our customers.

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