ParcelX Silicon Valley Meetup, June 15 2018

ParcelX Silicon Valley Meetup, June 15 2018

Blockchain Technology
九月 11, 2018 通过 parcelx

After a successful roadshow in Korea, ParcelX and three other projects on the Metaverse platform traveled on to Silicon Valley for a large-scale investment roadshow on June 15, 2018, with the topic of building true, real-world blockchain applications for daily life. The event was held at the Li Ka Shing Learning & Knowledge Center at Stanford University.

The conference kicked off with Reese Jones, giving opening remarks describing how blockchain is similar to geometrics, and how blockchain trends will follow the same patterns as this field of study.

ParcelX then provided an overview on how blockchain technology and token economics will provide a platform where anyone can participate and create the type of network they truly need and want.

Metaverse founder Eric Gu talked about his vision and roadmap for the Metaverse Supernova Project, which went online June 6th. Furthermore, he introduced the Metaverse Elite Program, as well as the benefits of and criteria for joining this program.

During the round table session, each project from Metaverse Elite Program I pitched their projects, describing their use cases in the blockchain world, and explaining why they chose Metaverse as their mainnet, with a focus on how its core technology features are related to each project, including digital identity, digital assets, and oracles.

To wrap up the event, investors from the investment panel along with the founders at ParcelX shared their insights on how they view the crypto world and how they select the most promising projects.

Overall, there were over 100 people in attendance, coming from various industries but all sharing a common passion for crypto.

Finally, ParcelX founders Guo Shunri and Yang Mingyi were able to visit the CTO of AirBnB (who happens to have been under Mr. Guo’s management at Microsoft) at their offices, to have an informal exchange of ideas, and on how to truly make ParcelX the “AirBnB” of cross-border parcel delivery!

ParcelX looks forward to the next event, where we can meet with our investors, fans and community members!

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