ParcelX CEO Guo Shunri Presents at 2018 Tokyo Finwise Summit

ParcelX CEO Guo Shunri Presents at 2018 Tokyo Finwise Summit

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九月 11, 2018 通过 parcelx
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ParcelX CEO & Co-founder Mr. Guo Shunri was on-stage at the 2018 Tokyo Finwise Summit to discuss and delve deeper into the ParcelX Network’s GPX token economy, its benefits for the cross-border parcel delivery industry, and how all stakeholders will be able to benefit from its rapid adoption.

Mr. Guo Shunri presenting the ParcelX GPX token ecosystem.

ParcelX is a co-sponsor of the 2018 Tokyo Finwise Summit.

Additionally, several blockchain, crypto, and tech industry thought-leaders, insiders, and entrepreneurs exchanged ideas and views on how best to bring about a new, decentralized economic model based on cooperation and transparency.

Mr. Guo of ParcelX & Mr. Xiang of Amazon Web Services

Mr. Guo of ParcelX and summit keynote speaker Professor Zhou

Mr. Guo of ParcelX and JC Oliver, an ex-Microsoft UK-based entrepreneur

ParcelX will continue to seek out the best and most forward-thinking partners to revolutionize the e-commerce logistics industry. Make sure to check the website and our official channels for more updates!

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